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 Cousin Kamron helping me at White's Farm Market in Brookville, IN . Just one of the sixth generation getting started.

Ellis Shope another happy customer!

Smith's Apple Butter topped  homemade

Great on deserts and ice cream. YUM!

Case 40 just like the one my Great Grandfather Victor Barnhart, owned.   Picture from Brookville, IN Antique Machinery Show

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Below is another batch on the fire. It smells soooo good!!!

Left top me as a boy in 1974 stirring a batch and left middle is my Grandmother Kathryn Smith stirring while she instructs me to add some cider. The photo at top right is wife Teressa and son Josh and the middle right is me and my wife cooking a batch on site at the New Paris, Ohio Apple Festival in 1996. Bottom left is my Uncle Ed, cousin Kamron and my son Joshua (stirring the pot) at home around 2013.

Another batch on the fire and it smells sooooo good!!

One of our loyal customers sent in this photo and comment, "Starting the day off right with Smith's Apple Butter while reading the word and having a good cup of Jo".

Check out the Beautiful Country Landscape scenes on our artwork page under the More tab.

About the Artist : Ed Smith has never forgotten his roots. Throughout his long successful career as an art director for several advertising agencies, design studios and a large multinational corporation, his heart has stayed in the rural Midwest where he was born.  That deep attachment is reflected in his paintings, which capture a time & place and a quality of life that seems to be dissipating from the American scene.These characteristics come alive in his work and are what makes it appealing.

Ed grew up on a farm in west central Ohio, where, "all of my relatives on both sides lived within a 10 mile radius.  We all worked hard at farming, but always had time for get togethers and family celebrations and that is what kept us close to each other".

Several years ago, Ed and Becky, (his wife of over 30 years) realized a life-long dream when they moved into a house that Ed designed and had built in Preble County Ohio on the land where he grew up. His studio overlooks the pond where he swam and skated as a boy along with many acres of fields and wood lots where he continues to find solace and inspiration that we can all share in through his work.

I'm trying to capture the moment when my senses get the best of me, when the subject matter takes on a real presence. It can be the way the light caresses the subject, a shift in the wind that sets a field of grass in motion, or a sudden change in the sky that alters the whole mood of a scene. Those are the things I respond to and try to share with the people who see my paintings. -Ed Smith